Vacation Photography

Hello to all of my readers out there. I am sorry I haven’t written lately but I was out on vacation with my family in Southern California. This was my first time in Los Angeles and second time in Cali total.

Anyway, there is something that I wanted to discuss that’s been on my mind and that is vacation photography. This term to me means capturing either wildlife or beautiful scenery or anything of that sort while on a vacation. It really bugs me when people take a lot of pictures and then they never do anything with those pictures besides let them take up space on their hard-drive.

That is why I have adopted a different type of shooting strategy when I am on vacation. I don’t want to take pictures just for the sake of taking pictures, I want to photograph. I want to really capture the feeling of a place and not just a bunch of candid shots. It is something that bothers me because then anyone could take a photo and call themselves a photographer but they are not. To be a photographer, you have to capture a moment and a place.

Some of the places we went to were pretty amazing though including Hearst Castle, home of famed billionaire William Randolph Hearst; a taping of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno; Santa Monica Pier and beach; Venice Beach, In & Out Burger, Griffith Observatory and the list goes on and on.

Here are some photographs of mine to help explain my concept of vacation photography.